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WYSA Play-Up Policy

WYSA supports the following waiver classes as defined by Middlesex Youth Soccer League.

Waiver Class #1:  Older players playing down with classmates.  Players who are born on a date that would typically place them in a higher grade may play down with their actual grade but need to complete a waiver verifying the player's grade.  

Waiver Class #2:  Player in higher grade playing down with same age teammates.   Players who choose to play within their age group and not up with classmates (most commonly players born in August) are eligible for a waiver to play with the same teammates that they have historically played with in the past.  Proof of playing history is required for the waiver to be approved.  

If you have questions please send an email to registrar@westfordyouthsoccer.com

To request a waiver you must register your child for the correct age group and then complete the Waiver Request Form - NOTE:  This form does not register you for soccer - this form is only to request playing up or down an age group (e.g. player in 1st grade who completed pre-first and wants to play up in 2nd grade program with players the same age.  If your waiver request is approved the registration will be moved to the new age group. 

Click here to complete the WAIVER REQUEST.