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(games only)

In-Town Programs and Rec Programs - Players will purchase reversible jerseys(if they do not already own one from previous seasons).


Any style of shorts and soccer socks is fine provided the socks completely cover the shinguards. 

Travel Programs – Travel players must have a Westford travel uniform (jersey, shorts and socks) and must wear this uniform to all games. See Travel Uniforms. 

Shin Guards 

Required (practices and games)

There are several styles available, varying in coverage and comfort. Any style is acceptable 


(practices and games)


For safety reasons, socks must completely cover shin guards. 

  • For In-Town players any color soccer socks may be worn that completely cover the shin guards. 

  • For Travel players you will need to purchase socks as part of the travel uniform.

Cleats or Sneakers 

(practices and games)

Soccer cleats are recommended but players may wear sneakers.  Soccer cleats are not the same as baseball cleats. Baseball cleats have an extra spike on the toe that is not safe when playing soccer. You can play baseball in soccer cleats, but you cannot play soccer in baseball cleats.   

You will not be allowed to play if your shoe has a spike on the toe! 


(practices and games)

Each player should bring their own ball to every practice.  Make sure your name is on the ball. 

  • Grade K - Grade 2 - Size 3 Ball 

  • Grade 3/4 - Grade 5/6 - Size 4 Ball 

  • Grade 7/8 - Grade 11/12 - Size 5 Ball 


Practices and games

Every player should bring water to practices and games.

Earrings, Jewelry and Casts 

(practices and games)


A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player, including all jewelry, all casts (even if padded) or any other equipment that the referee determines is dangerous.  Earrings must be removed and cannot be taped over.