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Even if the fields are opened the fields should not be used if there is standing water or the ground is saturated

(i.e. feels like a sponge when you walk on it).

For AWAY Travel Games check with your Coach.  Click here for the MYSL Field Closings (Travel games)

Westford Field Closures

Last Updated: September 14, 2023 @ 11:00 pm


(Note:  this date is only changed if the field status changes)



Blanchard Middle School (U6/U7)


Capt. Hamilton (Old Nab) (U8) X  
Frost Field X  
Robinson School n/a n/a
Jack Walsh #1 X  
Jack Walsh #2 X  
Jack Walsh #3 X  
Jack Walsh #4 X  
Jack Walsh #5 X  
Jack Walsh #6 X  
Jack Walsh #7 X  
Jack Walsh #8 X  
Nutting Road (Community Fields) #2 (Rear Field Mon - Sat) X  
Nutting Road (Community Fields) #1 (Front Field Mon - Sat) X  
Westford Academy Trustees Field (Saturdays only!) X (Sat only) X  (Sun - Fri)

See below for important guidelines!

Grass fields are closed if it is pouring rain or ground is saturated (like walking on a wet sponge) or if there is standing water in the playing area, or if it is thundering/lightening.

Turf fields are closed if covered with snow or if it is thundering/lightening or pouring rain as this makes the field slippery and not safe for play.

Westford Soccer Fields will be closed when it is determined that the conditions are unsafe for play or if it is necessary to protect the fields - rain alone will not cause a field to be closed.  Playing on fields with standing water will ruin the fields which in turn can create conditions that put our players at risk.  The decision to close fields is based on current field conditions as well as the forecasted weather.  On game days the fields are visually inspected and a determination is made in the morning (once it is light enougn to see).  If fields remain open the referee will assess field conditions before each game and will cancel the game if (s)he determines that the field is unsafe.

For away travel games it is up to the town where the game is being held.  The away coach will notify your coach.  You can not determine the status of away travel games by this web site. 

On practice days, WYSA will try to post any closings by 4:30 pm although the town may not notify WYSA that fields are closed until after 4:00 pm.  If the fields are open report to your practice as usual unless notified otherwise by your coach. 

GAMES AT WESTFORD (In-Town and Home Travel Games)
On Game Days (weekends) the fields are typically checked between 7:00 am and 7:30 am with the travel fields being checked first.  If the fields are closed due to weather related conditions it should be posted on the WYSA website by 7:45 am.  If after 8:00 am, a closure notice has not been posted the Westford fields are open and players should report for their game.  Prior to each game the referee will assess the field conditions and if the referee determines the fields to be unsafe the referee will cancel the game at that time.  This will be on a game by game basis.