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COVID-19 Information

(This document was updated April 6, 2021.)

For information on COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines for return to play, please click here to visit Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association's COVID-19 Resource page.  Christie DaRosa is WYSA's COVID-19 Safety Officer.  She may be reached by emailing covid@westfordyouthsoccer.com.

This is a very brief summary of the COVID protocols that WYSA will follow for the spring 2021 season:

We are playing traditional soccer this spring with these COVID protocols in place:

  • We will be playing outdoors.
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer is requiring all players to wear a face covering in accordance with the EEA Safety standards for Youth and Adult Amateur Sports activities, Phase IV Step 1 effective March 22 2021.
  • Facial coverings  will be worn by all players, coaches, and spectators, when walking to and from the field, in the parking lot, on the field and on the sidelines, at all times.
  • A facial covering means a face mask that completely covers the nose and mouth. Only face coverings that secure with loops around a player’s ears are acceptable. Masks with exhalation valves or vents (including mesh masks) are not acceptable and should NOT be worn by anybody. Face coverings must be a separate accessory. No gators or bandanas for players.
  • Upon arrival to a game or practice, coaches or COVID Coordinators will ask each player if they are experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. We may do this by collecting the player’s COVID health card or by having the player's guardian complete an electronic form as we did in the fall.  If the athlete has any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they should be sent home and instructed to contact their healthcare provider. They will not be allowed to return to training until they are cleared by a healthcare provider. A doctor’s note must be provided.
  • Spectator groups must maintain distance of at least 6 feet between spectator groups. A spectator group is defined as a family unit.
  • A family unit is up to two adults per player and the player's siblings.
  • Players can not share equipment with other players.
  • Players can bring their own water and snack
  • There will be no team water cooler or team snack.
  • Players and spectators must leave immediately after their session.
  • Families must not congregate in the parking lot, common areas, entrances, and exits before and after practice.