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Travel Uniform Procedures


The following applies to players in the travel soccer program.  This includes players in Grade 3/4, Grades 5/6, Grades 7/8 and Grade 9-12.   In-town players (Gr K-2) and Rec Players will purchase a reversible pinnie from the equipment store.

Important notes:

  • The jersey will be good for multipe seasons.  If a spring player did not play in the fall season or needs replacement pieces uniforms may be ordered at soccer.com.  Details will be emailed to players.

Purchase Information:


INFORMATION COMING FOR THE FALL 2021 Season!  Players will receive an email from their age director with ordering instructions.


WYSA will NOT accept any returns or make any exchanges of incorrectly sized uniform items that are purchased incorrectly.  Soccer.Com will typically accept returns of shorts and socks, but customized items (jerseys) will not be eligible for return. It is important that parents select the proper size uniform when placing their order.


To help parents with sizing, WYSA is offering the following guidelines and support:


  1. Parents are reminded that soccer uniforms tend to fit snugly, typically much more so than street clothes. If your player is "between sizes" in street clothes (for example, sometimes wears Youth Large and sometimes Youth X-Large), parents are encouraged to select the larger size that typically fits their child.
  2. The WYSA uniforms will have a two year life cycle.  The jerseys, socks and shorts may be reused during that two year cycle as long as they fit the player. Keep this in mind when considering sizing of uniform items.
  3. There is a sizing chart on the WYSA store site, and when in doubt parents are encouraged to opt for a slightly larger size than their child wears in their everyday clothing. As a very general rule of thumb, WYSA has seen that our players tend to wear the following sizes based upon their age groups:
    1. Grade 3 - 4 players tend to wear Youth Large or Youth X-Large
    2. Grade 5 - 6 players tend to wear Youth x-Large or Adult Small
    3. Grade 7 - 8 players tend to wear Adult Small or Adult Medium
    4. High School age players range through all of the Adult sizes depending upon the players age and size

The above are only guidelines, and parents should consider their players street clothing size, refer to the sizing chart, and bring their player down to try on uniform items if they have any questions about sizing.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q:  Will I have to buy a new uniform in the spring?
A:  The uniform will be good for a two year cycle.

Q:  My child only plays in the spring.  Do they have to buy a new uniform?  Is there a discount since my child will only use the uniform for one season?
A:  All travel players (Grade 3/4 and up) are required to have the uniform.  Those players that only participate in the spring are still required to purchase a uniform.  Since WYSA passes on the cost savings to our members we are not able to discount the uniforms for spring only players.

Q:  Will I have to buy a new uniform next fall?
A:  You will need to purchase a new jersey at the beginning of each uniform cycle which lasts for two years.  However you can reuse the socks and shorts from the previous year.

Q:  Can my child pick his/her jersey number? 
A:  Since numbers will be assigned by team, players are not able to select their own numbers.


Ordering Information

Q:  How do I order my child’s uniform?

A:  Uniforms may be ordered on-line at soccer.com.  Details will be emailed to players.  You will receive an email from the age director with ordering information and the jersey number for your player which is required for ordering.  

Q:  What do I need to buy?
A:  Each player is required to buy a jersey, shorts and socks.  The shorts and socks may be reused the next year.

Q:  What sizes are available?
A:  The following sizes will be available:

  • Jerseys and Shorts:

    • Youth: Medium, Large, X-Large

    • Adult: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

  • Socks:  Size 1 (small - Y10 – 2 shoe), Size 2 (medium - 3 – 7 shoe), Size 3 (large – size 8+ shoe)

Q:  How do I know what size to buy?
A:  Sample items will be available for players to try during skills assessments.  A sizing chart is available on-line at soccer.com.

Q:  Can I order extra socks or shorts?
A:  Yes extra socks and shorts may be added to your order. 


Spirit Wear

Q:  How can I purchase other WYSA apparel such as backpacks and sweatshirts?
A:  Spirit wear and optional apparel can be ordered online at any time. 

Q:  Can I order other merchandise at a discount?
A:  Yes, WYSA is arranging a relationship with our distributor to be able to order other non-WYSA specific soccer related merchandise at a discounted rate.


Refunds, Exchanges and Replacements

Q:  My child lost a part of their uniform.  How do I replace it?
A:  During the season families can use the WYSA team site to replace lost items by ordering them online (soccer.com) and having the items shipped to their home.