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Game Summaries

Coaches are encouraged to submit game summaries for all age groups from U6 - U18.  The players love seeing them and parents love sharing them with grandparents and other family members.  As you are writing the game summary please keep the opposing team in mind and how their players may feel if they see the summary.   


WYSA Soccer Recap Template
What’s Needed

  • Age Group/Gender (i.e. – Girls’ U12, Boys’ U10, etc.)
  • Score
  • A paragraph or so of details from the game (i.e. – who scored, who had a great effort, other praise or anything you’d like to say, etc.)

Any pictures are also appreciated.

Here’s an example of a write up from the Westford Youth Basketball Association from earlier this year.


Hippies 35 vs. Dolphins 32

In an extremely close, hard-fought game, the Hippies eventually pulled out the win. The Hippies had a very balanced offense, with seven players putting points on the board, led by Bridget Allison with nine, followed by Amanda Charlton and Caroline Hurley with eight each. The Dolphins hung in right to the end led by the scoring of Hanah Chateauneuf, Abby Chirokas and Jordan Underwood, supported by strong defense from Sofia Marchetti and Alli DiPetro.

Where To Submit

WestfordCAT would love anything you can send, we’ll also be publishing updates from Pop Warner Football this fall. Please e-mail your recaps to asylvia@westfordcat.org

I also recommend you send updates to the Westford Eagle and the Lowell Sun. Here is their contact information.


Westford Eagle:   (c/o Sports Editor Martin Renzhofer –   – 978-371-5748)

Lowell Sun: either Dennis Whitton (  – 978-970-4628) or Barry Scanlon (  – 978-970-4629)


Information provided courtesy of Andrew Sylvia, News DIrector, Westford Community Access Television