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Practices this week - Wednesday & Thursday @ 5pm
by posted 10/12/2020


We were able to get an additional spot to practice on Thursday. So we will meet on Wednesday and Thursday this week at 5pm
See you all on the field.
Coach Noel

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by posted 10/10/2020

Dear Parents (feel free to share this with your boys)


That was a great game! The boys were really moving the ball, and playing at a higher level than in the past. The team should know that we played against the best team in the league and held our own.


There were definitely skills we need to work on, such as crisper passing and not making mistakes, opening the defense up to score etc.


Here were some of the standouts that your coaches talked about after (and during) the game:

  • We are rotating players to play at ALL positions, so that they all have a chance for success. We will continue to do that.
  • This week Matt and Michael were the new goal scorers, while Vineet got one as well. All 3 of them played excellent roles as ‘utility’ players at whichever position we put them.  We would love to see ALL players score before the season is out
  • Chase was also great as a utility player, down the middle or the wing, in goal or offense
  • Joe played excellent defense, which saved us from a few goals being scored against us. And he had a couple of good shots on goal
  • Nathen had several great plays. We watched him block the big kicker on the other team a few times, which really saved our bacon. He also had some great steals
  • Meher found his home on the wing. I noticed that when he had the ball as the runner, he did not make a single error, and put his team in position to score. He also had a great assist which set Matt up to score
  • Can’t say enough about Josh – he could not walk on Wednesday, but there he was running up and down the field, and even playing forward, though he couldn’t shoot


I believe we lost the game by one goal, but if the boys learned about team spirit and how to be good sportsmen from this – it was a win.

When one of our big kickers had the sportsmanship to intentionally not kick hard so that he didn’t hurt players on the other team, that is a life lesson well learned.


Looking forward to seeing the team at practice next week. We will try to get a spot on Thursday in addition to our regular Wednesday practice.


From your coaches – Ken, Tim & Noel


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Game tomorrow - Saturday Oct 10th at 9am
by posted 10/09/2020

We have a game at 9am tomorrow, please try and arrive a little early. There is no team playing before us, so I'll try to get there at 8.45.
Have the boys wear shinguards, cleats and team jerseys.
Please remember to wear masks, and bring the health cards and water along.
We have at least one team member who can't be there, so we're hoping the rest of the boys can make it. Let us know if your son can't play tomorrow. 
Coach Noel, Tim, Ken

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